Thursday, December 24, 2009

A Very Special Niece

I did this for my Sis and Bro-inlaw for Christmas. It's a portrait of my niece, their daughter. It's the biggest piece I've ever done and bit challenging being that it's on plywood.

Acrylic on wood using palette knives.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Snowboard & Ski FUN!

For all of you who don't follow this blog, which is everyone in the world, here is a pic of the skiis and snowboard Johnny and I did for First Descents. First Descents is an organization that takes individuals with cancer out into the wilderness for different experiences. A great organization that helps the outlook of those with an illness that takes WAY too many lives!
Thanks for looking!
-Parker, Ryan

Friday, December 11, 2009

First Descents Art Preview - Beaver Creek, Colorado

Hey dudezzzzzzzzz!
Tonight we are heading to The Ritz, yep, The Ritz in Beaver Creek, Colorado for an art preview. We (my pal Johnny and I) will be showing off our snowboard and one pair of skiis that we collaborated on with acrylic paints and paint marker. They are soooooooo cool! I will post pics real, real, real soon! I promise!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009


That's the name of this piece i did in photoshop. yep, deforestation.
because of man, science (believe it or not), and technology we are destroying our forests. the natives of said forests are being FORCED TO RUN. this, in turn makes me think about my own situation. i am rarely forced to run. if i were, i would head to that tropical beach in central america. so why would i only go there if i were FORCED to run? well, because it seems that i'm trapped in a life i have created for myself. trapped? i said it. until "deforestation" (or my non violent version) comes my way and forces me to run I will continue to live the life i am living. it's not a bad life by any means. i do face an occasional obstacle that tests my mental strength, but all in all i'm very blessed to lead the life i live; hoping (in some weird way) that "deforestation" (again, my version) will come my way. peaceful deforestation that, in other words may just be my decision to make a life-changing decision to get rid of the american-consumerism attitude and live the simple, day-to-day life of a beach bum.
in the end, i feel horrible for all things that are forced to run from deforestation. also, in the end, life is YOUR movie and YOU are the producer.
therefore, the decisions you made and/or make are where you are and/or will be.
think about it... then make a move!
oh, and do something to help save our planet and stop destruction!

Friday, May 22, 2009

Friday, April 17, 2009

The most beautiful thing.

Galactic Zoo, Photoshop 11"x16"

Art is expression...
as we all know. It is a way for anyone (should be everyone, but some seem scared) to express their feelings, views, experiences through whatever medium they choose. Not only is the process of creating art an expression, but viewing (it) as well. Not to be vague or anything (hahaaaa!), but so many different things can be seen in so many different ways. What one sees in one piece may be completely blind to what his neighbor sees. It is the freedom of creating and viewing that makes art the most beautiful thing!

I love this website. Check it out!